SAP reports in apple mobile devices

SAP reports in apple mobile devices


Job Description

We ask for a budget to develop an application with the following features:

The application is called “SAP reports” and it will let define and execute simple reports on SAP ERP tables.

The application already exists in ANDROID environment and it can be downloaded from the Market by searching the word "Antartyca", appear as “SAP Reports” (“Informes SAP”). The goal is replicate the application for iOS 6 and higher and it must work properly on IPhone 4 and 5, IPad and IPad Mini devices.

We attach a user manual in English as a Requirements Specification.

The application texts in ANDROID environment are in Spanish. If the phone language is set to English, buttons and menus appear in English, but not the help, it continues in Spanish.

All documents and texts of the new application will be in English.

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