Rotating Proxy server Linux Dedicated Server(s)

Rotating Proxy server Linux Dedicated Server(s)


Job Description

We are looking for someone with experience in building Proxy Servers. We have a proxy service and we would like to add a different type of service package to our webste our previous programmer who build the application (site) (system) is no longer with us.

You need to have experience with dedicated linux servers. PHP Mysql or something similar. The site front is wordpress but the "working parts" is straight PHP /MYSQL. We are looking to build a rotating proxy service our users can sign up for. You will be responsible for everything. If you do a good job and your price is reasonable we would like to keep you fulltime for this website and other ones we have. Since our programmer of more than 4 years is now not able to work. We are looking for someone new.

Please note Im not trying to be rude by this part, Im just so tired of people copy and pasting 4 pages of WordPress websites they "built" and wasting my time. This happens alot on and this is my first tiem trying here i hope there is more quality here.

Please do not bid if your only experience is building wordpress websites for clients. You will not be able to do this project. Please explain to us your knowledge in this field. Any previous work would be great to see. Please put "I understand" in your message to ensure I don't spend the whole day reading copy and paste jobs. Also if you don't quite understand message me and will explain further.

Skills: linux