Print Store with App

Print Store with App


Job Description

I am looking for someone who can design both an eCommerce Site and an App that will look very much like and will do absolutely everything does. Casetagram sells cases, but I will be selling prints, however, I need the site to be able to offer everything this site does and I want the app to look very similar to Casetagram and be able to do everything Casetagram does.
-Create custom prints
-Buy prints
-Vote on prints
-Have a profile
-Have a cart
-Have a gallery
-Be able to edit some of the Images (this is a not that important- simply an option)

My main desire is for the app to look extremely nice like Casetagram and/or the Fancy app.
I need it to be connected to the products on the website so your team may have to do both the site and the app for me. I also want the site to look very similar to

I will be busy for the next 2-3 days so please look at the app and the website for and give me a quote on how much it would be to make something exactly like it.

You would be doing everything. All I would provide is the information and images.

********If you are an app developer only********* please let me know how much you would charge just for the app.

Skills: design

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