Simple Godaddy php editing for wordpress site

Simple Godaddy php editing for wordpress site


Job Description

Php Developer needed to help with wordpress:

I recently purchased authority pro 3 plugin for wordpress, which runs a diagnosis tool on installation.

upon installation I was notified I needed ion cube loader and was given the instructions per Godaddy and went over everything on the phone with them.

Once I entered what I was told in my php file, it didn't work and now I'm unable to get into wordpress. I'm not worried about it though because I can just call them and get the original code and paste it in there. What my issue is would be that even when I get my wordpress site working again my ion cube loader issue still needs to be fixed.

Only one line of php was added in this code. It's the first line after [Zend]

Here is the code as it stands now:


Here are the original instructions:

To Install ionCube
Download the compressed Linux x86 binary file from ionCube's site. We recommend using the ZIP file.
Upload the compressed file to your hosting account. For more information, see Uploading Files Using the FTP File Manager.
Unarchive the compressed file in your hosting account. For more information, see Unarchiving Files and Directories with Your Hosting Account.
NOTE: Unarchiving the compressed file creates the necessary /ioncube directory.

Add the following lines of script to your php5.ini file to reference the absolute path to the binary:

NOTE:: If your account does not have a php5.ini file, you must create one.

Replace "absolute path" with your absolute path. See Finding Your Hosting Account's Absolute Path.
Replace "X.X" with "5.2" using PHP5.2 or “5.3” if using PHP5.3. See Programming Languages in your Control Panel in your hosting account to see which version you have.
NOTE: The zend_extension script must appear as the first line after [Zend].

***Just an fyi the Godaddy technician also told me to create a new php file in my webroot which can be deleted if needed as it wasn't there in the first place.

I found some people who said they can easily do it within the hour but were charging too high.

The best deal I got so far was $35.00 and might do it - I just feel I might find better help here with so much international talent available.

***Terms of contract***

Payment to be made after job is complete and I'm satisfied with completion. - wordpress and authority pro working at 100%.