Agency Required For Content Management and Online Distribution

Agency Required For Content Management and Online Distribution


Job Description

We are looking for an agency that can help plan and implement the following tasks within a reasonable budget:

-Press Releases (Newswire and PR Web, PR Buzz)
-Review Sites Strategies
-PPC and PPV
-Social Media
-Content Curation
-Content Creation with Unique Article Writer
-Video Production
-You Tube Video optimisation
-You Tube Chanel creation and optimisation
-Mobile Marketing

We will be engaging in 2 different niches to begin with and think you will need a few staff to learn what we need done and to implement on a full time basis

We have courses/training available on all these topics and ultimately would like to have a team under the same roof that is competent and efficient. This would help streamline our operation considerably.

If you are interested then please let us know

If you have a main project manager handling this account we would insist they have excellent written and spoken English, utilise skype for communication, demonstrate previous management experience and excellent time management skills