Strange PHP-FPM Issue

Strange PHP-FPM Issue


Job Description

This is a short task, maybe 1 hour tops.

This is a job for someone who wants a 5 star feedback and can work with me to solve the problem.

Do not ask me for "ssh information" without proving to me you have an idea of the problem. You would work with me while I make corrections to debug the problem.

Here are the variables:

- WordPress 3.6 - 2 fairly identical installations on different
domains on the same server
- Nginx (same config files)
- Varnish 3

Here's the problem:

- On only ONE WordPress installation (remember they are pretty much
identical, same theme, etc.) sometimes the settings do not save in the
wp-admin section under "general" or with plugins, etc. Posts seem to
save, but settings sometimes don't. And I have managed to solve what
WILL update them. Basically, if I do a sudo service php5-fpm restart
they IMMEDIATELY are updated w/ what changes I made before. So it's
like the changes are stuck in some sort of cache. HOWEVER:

- Only 1 installation of WP ever does this, both have same plugins,
same server, same version, etc. Other one NEVER has this happen.
Emptying APC opcache did NOT help. Emptying Varnish cache with sudo
varnishadm "ban.url ." did not help. Only doing a service php5-fpm
restart immediately corrects the situation.

Now my question of course would be how could this happen on only 1 of
the wordpress installs/domains.. but, the more important question is
why the heck would I have to restart php5-fpm to "unstick" the updates
I'm making in admin panel.

Any thoughts? Thank you so much!

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