Designer for Online Marketplace Website

Designer for Online Marketplace Website


Job Description

I am looking for an experienced developer to help me create an online marketplace where users can upload documents to sell them to other people.

The basic functionalities we want are similar to that of eBay:
1. User creates account -->
2. User posts the pdf or word document to the relevant section/category -->
3. Another user searches for a certain document, or navigates to it through categories,
4. This user also creates an account purchases the document -->
5. Purchaser leaves feedback on the quality of the document

The additional functionalities that we require are:
* Payment is received through PayPal, split between seller's paypal account and mine e.g. 80/20 commission via the PayPal API
* Documents delivered by email (either as an attachment or a unique link to download) to purchasers after payment is confirmed (also through PayPal API).

We are happy to use a proprietary or open-source platform for the

Obviously this will all need a serviceable UI but I'm happy to keep this pretty simple. Function over style here.

To apply, please:
* Tell me what your solution is (very briefly)
* Any existing platforms you know of that might be suitable,
* your full fixed price quote (feel free to ignore the fixed price offer if you can help us at a higher or lower price).
* Any past websites that are similar (do not just paste your entire portfolio, keep it relevant please)
* Use the word ***CUPCAKES*** in the first line of your reply so that I know you have read this advertisement.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to working with you!

Skills: design

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