Hardware Design of a voice recorder with WLAN

Hardware Design of a voice recorder with WLAN


Job Description

We are looking for you, a skilled electronics developer who tackles this job. The imagined hardware is capable of recording audio via an electret microphone and transmitting it to a WIFI module for uploading it to the internet.
An easy architecture would inherit a voice recorder chip with e.g. i2c communication connected to a e.g. electric imp (http://electricimp.com/) module.
Firmware is going to be developed by another team member.

These are the key specs:
-small design approx. 10x10cm PCB
-easy two to four layer design
-one sided placement of SMT parts
-battery powered with two AA's
-low power design (chip should go into sleep mode)
-button is pushed two to ten times a day for approx. 20sec.
-easy available parts (digikey, farnell or distrilec or similar supplier)
-overall price of parts (1000 items price) 10$-30$
-altium designer project or similar ecad tool
-electret microphone support
-audio recording with at least 16bit depth , 32KHz sampling rate
-sd card holder and interface to a electric imp module
-recording starts while a push button is pressed
-after releasing the push button the recorded wav or mp3 is transferred via i2c or SPI to the electric imp module
-recorded sample is then transferred via http connection to a server, which is done by the electric imp firmware

These are the work packages:
-conceiving a electronic design based on the above mentioned key specs and more detailed tender description on request
-outcome shall be a technical spec document for how to realize this hardware
-creating a schematic based on technical spec
-pcb layout of schematic
-documentation (bom, schematic, test points and test steps for startup, pcb files in gerber or altium or similar)
-it should be possible to produce a first preliminary prototype on which the firmware development shall be started

If you have any question, free feel to submit a message via odesk. We are would be glad to receive your application and welcoming you in this fascinating project.

Skills: design, test, layout-design