Website Development

Website Development


Job Description

The site is proposed to be a dynamic website for Managers & Users.
This site will provide a conduit between the two parties - whereby Managers can request information from users. This information will be relayed via a video upload (maximum of 5mins) for submission to the Manager.
As there will be multiple managers the site will be required to create 'profiles' per say so information between managers and users remain anonymous to the rest of the website users

The site will have the attractive Front end for the Visitors and the Back end for administration of the site.

Job description:
Features Manager:

The Manager will be in charge of the profiles. The Following features will be provided for them:

1 Create a new Subject/Project:
In a Subject/Project Managers will be able to invite users to the group to answer questions. User will be invited by email/internal posting to participate. Participating Users will be able to join project and record and submit a video from the website.

2 Managing Projects:
Managers will be able to manage projects - Create, Finish and Close

3 Assessments, Reports & Analytics:
Managers will be able to view the video submission from their profile. From here they will need to be able to assess the video (simple)
Managers will also be able to analyse the results (e.g. invites sent vs video submission, most submission came from email/internal memo etc)

4 Payments
This site is either a Pay as You Go or Subscriber site. More info can be provided later. However Paypal and 3rd Party merchant integration required

5 Calendar:
Managers will need to access a calendar system so they can schedule follow ups with users.

Features Users:

1. Ability to receive invites via email, internal memo. Upon accepting invitation the user will need to create a free basic profile (Basic info Name, phone, email etc)

2. Once users has a profile they will be able to participate in the project set out by the Manager. From there profile they will be able to create a video (recorded from webpage, utilising webcam) and submit to manager.

3. Users will be able to upload further attachments if required

4. Users will be able to receive calendar notifications from Manager if required

Skills: video, administration, paypal, .net