Zen cart PHPBB Bridge

Zen cart PHPBB Bridge


Job Description

So what i would need you to do is fix the bridge already in zen cart(1.5.0) located in the {admin portal>configuration>my store} so i can use the latest version of PHPBB (3.0.11).... and integrate the two together essentially what i would want is when a user logs in to zencart on my site that they would be able to use the same login on phpbb without me having to manually enter it.

the idea i have is when you make posts on the forum it keeps track of the posts and i want to be able to convert that into points for the users that make good helpful posts about products and reviews, and give my zen cart users a discount for the people who help out and provide information for people using the products.

in essence its a reward program i plan to do it manually which doesn't really matter but im lacking a bridge for the two programs....

do you have a solution for that that would accomplish what i want to do? or could you fix the bridge between the two? or anything else..... i think it would be a fantastic idea however im having trouble implementing it properly

please let me know if you can help!!!