Windows Mobile (surface) Wrapper App Development

Windows Mobile (surface) Wrapper App Development


Job Description

Hi There,

We are preparing a prototype app with full webview (we provide the html files) on windows 8 (surface).

Looking for some one who can build a wrapper app which allows us to:
1. Change the URL inside the app (would be good if we can do that outside of the app (i.e. in settings) since we don't want any buttons. if not it should give the option to change the URL when the app is opened). Something like this:
2. Include the icon and splash screen

The app will just be a browser,
But it needs to disable all browser chrome (buttons) and stop the user from scaling, zooming plus swipe-to-go-back.

We won't have internet connection while we are using the prototype, that's why we must specify the URL

It will be a local URL which changes each time, hence we can't hard code it neither.

Please let us know the hours you need and when you can start.


Skills: windows-8-metro, windows-mobile