Give Away Free App Development to Non-Profit Groups in The USA

Give Away Free App Development to Non-Profit Groups in The USA


Job Description

We build Beautiful iPhone and Android apps for small and medium-sized businesses of all kinds.

Our apps use the capabilities of smartphones like Geo-locating, Camera Functions, Calculating abilities, Voice Recording, etc to help our client companies interact with both current and potential customers.

Our clients will typically give away their app for free to as many people as possible, and the great functions we build in like push notifications and gps coupons will help them grow their business.

Our apps have 2 costs: The Development fee is $1,499.00 USD, and the monthly Hosting fee is $59.00 USD.

For non-profit organizations in the USA, we actually waive the entire $1,499 Development fee! The client organization will only be responsible for paying their monthly Hosting cost of $59.00, and there is no time commitment required!

This job posting is for you to generate new Non-Profit clients for our Mobilize2013 campaign, and our first goal is to give away 2,000 app development packages!

We will pay you $30 USD for each app you give away to a non-profit organization by signing them up as new clients for us, and we will also pay you some great bonus cash for meeting specific sales targets along the way.

You can generate these signups by telephone, through email, social media, face-to-face meetings, or a combination of all of those.

We require that you speak, read, and write with complete fluency in American English for this position.

To be considered for this position, please respond with a note in conversational English with specific questions you have about this opportunity.

Generic resumes and overly formal responses will be ignored.

Thanks for looking - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Skills: english, gps