create a multi user members area stock management website / script that lists users products to ebay and there opencart website

create a multi user members area stock management website / script that lists users products to ebay and there opencart website


Job Description

Job summary= create a members area stock management system (script/website)

then Link it to ebay

then link it to customers ecommerce websites, (created using opencart)

( i will be looking at linking it to other platforms at a later date like amazon, and other ecommerce software like zencart etc.. so the programmer must take this into consideration when creating the script)

Hi am looking at getting a stock management script created that will let my customers use it to add there products to it so they can manage there stock, I want the script to link to ebay and there ecommerce websites created using opencart. So they would add there products to the stock management system and this then lists the product on ebay and there website.

the stock management system will act like a middle man, listing items to ebay and there website when set to do so, and also checking stock levels and updating them, for example if a user has added an item to the stock management system and had the script send it to ebay and there website the script should check ebay and the website using corn jobs to check if items have sold, if an item has sold on ebay the script will deduct the stock off the main system this will then tell the website and update the websites stock. this way all the stock will be synchronised together. The same will happen if the user makes a change to a product within the stock management system, if they update the image, description etc... the stock management system will then communicate with ebay and the website and update the changes on them sites as well.

What am looking at offering them is the ability for them to login to one members area were they add there stock to, the product title, description, images, price, product options etc.. etc... then the stock management system lists the items on ebay and there website with a click of a button.

The stock management system will send all the info like title, images, description etc.. to ebay and the website when told to, by a previously set up corn job or by the user clicking a button.

Any changes made to the stock inventory will then update the listings on ebay and there website.

am trying to explain it as simple as possible but basically how I see it working is I have a master login for the script that lets me view all users, add new users, delete users, restrict users, set web space for each user, limit what they can list on (ebay and or website) etc... etc....

Basically how I want it to work is when a user logs in, they add there products / stock to the site, they then have the option to send the products to ebay and there ecommerce website. the stock management system regularly checks ebay and the ecommerce website for sales using a corn job, or when the user clicks a button to do it. if there's a sale on ebay or the website the stock level will update on the stock management system, this then updates the stock on ebay or the ecommerce website so all the stock is synchronised all the time.

Ive tried to explain it as basic as i can, but i do want it to have some more functions and features. To start with I want to keep it basic, but over time work on it and improve it, even linking other market places like amazon. And even different ecommerce software.

I would like to work in stages and also pay in stages as each stage is finished and working correctly. This way I can make sure each stage is working correctly before we work on the next functions. for example would want the stock management system creating that lets me add users, set permissions etc... then when this is working link it to ebay so the stock management system sends products to ebay and checks stock on ebay and updates the stock management system when something sells on ebay. Then when this is all fully working I would like to link it to the ecommerce website (opencart), so it then gives the users the option to also add there items to there opencart website. and checks the stock and updates it on both ebay and there opencart site.

So we would have to come to some agreement to the total price for the completed working site (multiple user stock management system that links to ebay and opencart and synchronises stock and changes) and agree on the payment terms for each stage.

Please take a look at the attached text file for a full description of what it is I am after. the design is not important as am a website designer. I just need it to function correctly. I will also need to see proof you can do what am asking, Am not looking for a website designer am looking for a programmer / developer to create me an online script. You must now how to work with ebays api and also opencart. and at a later date Amazon

I will also be the owner of all the copyright to the created coding / script and have full access to all the coding with none of it encrypted.

Please LOOK OVER THE ATTACHED TEXT FILE. If you can do what am after please contact me thanks Patrick

Skills: ebay, amazon

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