Experienced Python coder with GitHub work needed

Experienced Python coder with GitHub work needed


Job Description

If you have 0 hours billed on oDesk, DO NOT BID.
If you have no Github experience, DO NOT BID.

We are hiring for an expert python coder with GitHub experience to further develop our large SAAS website.

Contractor MUST have the following skills:
1) EXPERT Python coding skills including:
-- Python 2.2+, Element Tree, httplib, and urllib modules scripting
-- Django framework & Celery package
-- XMLRPC (v3) or REST (v4) (for communication with Django apps)

2) extensive knowledge and experience using Git & Github repositories to manage code

3) Ajax & jQuery framework scripting

4) prior Amazon ec2 cloud instance architecture & scaling work

More specific details will be given to qualified contractors that bid.

IMPORTANT: When bidding please include links to your work on GitHub repositories.