Smartphone toubleshooter

Smartphone toubleshooter


Job Description

We are looking for people who know smartphones really really well. If you are an expert in solving smartphone problems, this is the job for you.

We have a database of automated solutions to help regular customers with their smartphone problems. We need help filling the database with solutions.

This particular job is focused on battery problems for the Galaxy S3 and Note2.

We need info on what causes the battery to drain quickly on these two handsets. An example is "you left your hotspot on after you were finished with it and the battery is draining" or "app ??? has started the GPS and did not release it so the GPS has remained on for 1 hour and killed your battery"

The info must be relevant to either the Galaxy S3 or Note2 or both. You must have one of these phones to enter the information into our system.

We have a system called CrowdCare where you will enter the problems and solutions based on the exact conditions of the device. It is very easy to enter a solution. The draft solution will then be sent to us for validation.

We will pay $20 per solution received and validated.

Skills: troubleshooting