Web programmer needed for indian food take-away website

Web programmer needed for indian food take-away website


Job Description

Website where people - focus on students – can order Indian food. A customer will select an order from
the menu on the website. The order comes in with the Admin who prints it. The food is prepared, packed
and shipped.

▪ The platform contains the following features:
▪ Static logo’s of partners on the homepage
▪ Registration form (the admin has to be able to determine the number of mandatory/optional fields)
▪ Password protected pages to make an order*

*The customer can select for a lunch box, a green meal, etc. With each type of meal the customer chooses
for the basis, protein products, vegetables, and he selects the dishes.
There will be an overall menu (that can be eaten at the restaurant). Next, it also has to be possible to make
quick orders out of a limited menu. For the latter, the time of fetching the menu needs to be determined by
the customer (asap, or a time in the future). An example of such a limited menu for ordering, an example was be provided as reference by the end customer. The order module has to be connected with a “just in time” print function in the shop. The admin prints the orders coming in.
▪ Export data of all customer orders that have placed between 2 dates.
▪ Online payment module for “Ogone”. Note: any costs that due to the integration of Ogone (or any other provider have to be taken up by the customer).
▪Optional requirements
• Blog
• Forum

Particular CMS requirements
SEO friendly URL's
▪ Default: use the page title to create the URL
◦ Example: http://www.root.be/language/titlewebpage
▪ Allow site administrator to change the URL
◦ Allow site administrator to modify meta tags for a page
▪ Sitemap
◦ Infinite link depth
◦ Page titles to build the referring links
◦ Site administrator can modify the order of the pages and blacklist certain pages for inclusion
◦ Ping functionality to Google
◦ Sitemap uses same layout style as the overall site
▪ Multi-lingual site
◦ Default: Dutch
◦ English and French has to be foreseen for site administrator activation
▪ Newsletter module
• News and articles module
▪ Customer feedback module
◦ Customers can leave feedback about the sites services
◦ Administrator approves feedback before appearing online
▪ Link directory module
▪ Sub-site functionality
◦ Site administrator has to be able to create a landing page type site
◦ This site will contain videos and promotional offers
▪ Videos can be shared on known social video sites
• Every page allows bookmarking on the major social networking sites/social sharing sites
• Every page allows joining the Facebook page, following the Twitter account, following the LinkedIn
▪ Visitors can view help information regarding site functionalities
▪ Online support agent

Skills: online-payments