Ecommerce Consultant for Drop-shipping Website

Ecommerce Consultant for Drop-shipping Website


Job Description

Our company is looking for a person to come and help us with our e-commerce drop-shipping website. We run our website through Wordpress. We offer over 5,000 products on our site. We upload our products through a CSV Import Suite purchased from WooThemes.

This individual must be able to review and assess our back-end and make specific recommendations on how we can improve our site. If we need to change back-ends to help better manage our product descriptions and pricing. Tell us. This person must also be able to implement their recommendations.

In addition to making these changes, we want to ensure our website is optimized to its fullest capacity from an SEO standpoint. If changes need to be made to our blog or other content to get us more SEO compliant, please recommend, then implement.

No suggestions are off the table, we just need improvement. Our site is listed below if you want to take a look prior to applying.

Skills: import