Seeking Web Designer to build simple Wordpress sites

Seeking Web Designer to build simple Wordpress sites


Job Description


I'm interested in working with a web designer to build two relatively simple Wordpress sites.

I'm looking to have this done turnkey pretty much.

Both sites are very simple, and will use themes. They are small (~5 pgs/ea), and will require nothing more complicated than an aweber email grabber etc. Don't plan on using a lot of plugins or anything. Just want clean, attractive, engaging designs.

One site is being created from scratch, and she has provided me with a custom theme she has purchased to use. The niche is internet marketing/business consulting.

One site is part of a re-branding project for a local bar. We just need to re-imagine what they have, make it cleaner and more appealing for people to engage with, and consolidate the branding and graphics. They already have a site running we can look at for inspiration.

Budget for the project is $500-$1,000 depending on skills, turnaround, results etc.

If you're interested in the job and think you would be a good candidate, please let me know.

To show me that you've read and understood the whole post, please tell me the name of your favorite character from Lord of the Rings, and the name of the closest planet to the sun at the top of your application.

If you don't have an excellent history (I'm a contractor myself, so you won't be tricking me here) of feedback, and a portfolio you can show me (and demonstrate ownership of, you porfolio stealers), you may as well save your application, just letting you know now.

Thanks in advance, look forward to working with one of you!


Skills: marketing