I need someone build a wordprss website for me

I need someone build a wordprss website for me


Job Description

I need a a wordpress site with following features

1)FaceBook and Gmail Login
2)Once user logsand his contact details gets into our db.
There should be sorts like recnet post, most viewed, most liked etc.
Post can b liked disliked etc
3)User can create new post , either afterlogin or without login (anonimous user)
4)User post has 2 subposts. Both subposts as images,Text, badges.
5)Post itself has text, tags, number of views,likes.Subpost also has likes
6)Share on Fb and twitter
7)Login Page
8)Add post
9)Add comment (integrate fb commnet box) and like button
10)Suggested/Related post
11)Recent post
12)most viewed post
13)View all users
14)View posts by user
15)delete post (only by user who created or admin)
16)Admin console.
18)full text search
19)Track and show number of post of user.
21)some html and css modifcations

I already have html and css (normal html css not wp style).You will have yo edit some of it .
You may have make small css /html modifcations .

Application must not have performace problem .Use caching .Must have proper db indexes and good db desin

Skills: facebook, gmail, twitter