submittable order form

submittable order form


Job Description

We need to create the online order form. My husband would like it
to look like his normal order form and generate a pdf that is
automatically emailed to us when someone orders a board. We have an iphone app that generates an email directly to our business email every time someone
orders which we love but then we have to take that info and hand write out
onto our order form. We are trying to bypass that process by having the
order be emailed in a printable version of his order form. We would also
like the orders to be added to a spreadsheet.

How much would something like the pdf order form generating an email and
being added to a spreadsheet cost?

If we are happy with the work we will also need a retailer version which instead of an individual order sheet, it will look more like a purchase order invoice with drop downs for product and size, that calculates totals based on quantities ordered.

Skills: pdf

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