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Software developer and Designer


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I have a booking system which has been running for a few years now but now need to add some more functionality to it and it has to be done ASAP! Like within 3 days ready for a presentation on Monday.

The so system allows an admin to booking a taxi, it holds usual information about the booking, name, time, from and to etc... some other fields too.

Currently the system allow me(admin) to go in and create view bookings create invoices etc..but now we need confirgure it in order for clients themselves to go in and create edit view their own bookings...however I as an admin should be able to view ALL bookings in order to be able to go and allocate the work to our drivers.....

please respond with rkp12345 in the first line so i know ou have read my post. thx
besides this we have lots more functionality that needs to be added.

The frame is already there and has been built with the above it mind, it just needs to be configured as such.

the skills need are below.

I am having a copy of the DB sent to me in the morning but which time I will hopfully have selected a suitable candidate..

Please bear in mind this project needs 100% full attention, if you cannot give ths then please do not apply for the role..

I will pay per hour and will be monitoring the work.

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