Simple Forum style Chat App for Iphone iOS

Simple Forum style Chat App for Iphone iOS


Job Description


I want to develop a simple quick app for my customers to post their audio to get feedbacks.

On start, the App displays the topics. Users can start new topics or click on the topics (like a forum) and enters the chat screen. The chat screens resemble that of the Wechat app, but all the User avatars are on the left. Like Wechat, users can enter text chats, or audio chats, plus 2 more - link a youtube video. For audio recording, there is a count down 3, 2, 1 then the record starts. The user then presses the onscreen Stop button to end recording. User can then review the recording before sending to the forum. Limit recording to 30 seconds. The app then compresses the audio and send it to the server.

That's it! I will want to be able to display these forum chats on a website, so the technology you use must be compatible with my future plans.

As I'm not familiar with putting the app to the app store, you should also help me get the account and get it approved on the Apple app store. It will be ideal if you can also be around for the version 2 of the app later, and for the Android version.

Thanks for reading!

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