Teaching / Bootstrap + Rails

Teaching / Bootstrap + Rails


Job Description

I'm seeking someone who speaks great English and is a solid communicator to walk me through the steps to launch a Boostrap landing page using Rails. I'd like to do this on an hourly basis from 6P - 8P EST three nights a week. This will be an ongoing project. I've gone through the Rails tutorials and I'm really looking for someone to help me learn.

The project I'm looking to complete is as follows:

Twitter Bootsrap landing page/site that can be easily replicated to create other landing pages via a CMS and similar interface builder.

1) I'd like to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework:
2) I'd like to learn how to style the CSS within Bootstrap to build a site;
3) I'd like to integrate a CMS component that will allow a non-technical user to make updates, build pages, new tabs,add video, etc.
4) I'd like to use ActiveAdmin, as needed.
5) I'd like to learn how to build an API, which will be used as a pass-through.

1) I'd like to use a non-crutch host (not Heroku) and would like someone to help with the siteops piece a bit.
2) Must have familiarity with Git;
4) Must speak English and be available to speak during 7A - 9P EST business hours.

I'll pay by the hour as this is not fair for a fixed-bid.

Skills: teaching, english