Blog owners with PR4-8, DA30+ and alexa rank 200k needed fast

Blog owners with PR4-8, DA30+ and alexa rank 200k needed fast


Job Description


I want 10 finance, gaming, music, job, technology, health, social media and travel blog owners with PR4-8, Domain Authority 30+ and alexa rank below 200,000k rank that can publish a guest post on his/her websites for me.

Immediate work needed please, if you can't, please don't apply!

As the person I want, you should be able to:

- Edit an already published article this week or article he/she is about to publish and put a short bio with my website link and anchor text there.
- Must have website with PageRank 4-8 (PR4-8), DA30+ and ALEXA rank LOWER than 200,000k ranking.
- Produce a well written post around the topic and get it published on his/her site.
- Deliver the published links within the stipulated time period - no excuse, I need the published links tomorrow or next tomorrow.

***Pricing for each published posy equals to 1 HOURS in Odesk***

PS: I have up to 50 links for you to work on for different websites...this job will be okay for someone with 5,10,20 websites because you can easily add the links and get paid for your work.

How To Apply:

Type "I AM READY" in the first paragraph of your application and tell me why I should consider you for this task and some samples of your work in the past - if you don't have past experiences, but you have websites within this criteria.

Please, only send samples that is within last 3 months range.

Payment will be make immediately you complete your task for a week.

I NEED 50 GUEST POSTS to be published and you are going to be the one who will write and complete the tasks. Mine is to pay you and moderate your work.

PS: You must send your website URLs, I will check and confirm if they are okay and assign you to the work immediately.


Thanks for your time and hoping to work with you for a very long time.

Skills: finance, gaming, backlinking, writing

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