Web Enable a Spreadsheet

Web Enable a Spreadsheet


Job Description

Hello, I have a spreadsheet I want to have web-enabled.
The spreadsheet is a performance tracking sheet which tracks the activities of each user as they complete each task. The user can log in with their user name and password then submit their activities which goes into a database.
Their coach will see a summary of all the stats for their assigned members.
The Head coach sees a summary of totals for all their coach participants
The Office Managers see a summary report of all the results of all the participants. The Regional Managers see a summary report of the performance of all their office and the Country Manager see a summary of all the Offices across the country.

Please review the details of the spreadsheet and create a web interface with a fast database back-end include a the web programing so that the numbers calculate properly on each page. You must be able to calculate the numbers for each participant. The site will be used by over 10,000 users eventually at the same time. I don't have a coach spreadsheet which shows the summary of each participants results for every coach.
I have also added a summary spreadsheet for the Regional Manager. This is just an example which will be done in phase 2 but I want you to see the regional sheet.

This is a multi - user site for different levels of access. This first level is the USER level you are creating. Please see the structure below

Top Level Country Managers Access - See Every Location Rolled up on One view
Regional Level Access - See only the info for the about 10 Regional Office
Office manager Access: See only the info for their users about 1000+ users
Head Coach Level Sees the report for all their coach coach performance
Coach Level Access - See only the info for their group of users about 10
User Level Access See Only their info

I'm including just the user level spreadsheet for now, I have the regional sheet that you can review once the user level access is complete.
Please also note that we will be changing the field labels before the launch.

Must complete date is June 15th.
Preference will be given to some with previous experience with rapid development expertise and database programming. Also Preference will be given to programmer who took the time to examine and review the sheets I have attached.

Skills: microsoft-sql-server

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