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Android Video App


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I have had other things take up my time this last 30 days and I will be reviewing applications over the next week. thanks a lot for applying.

You will develop an app that
reads a XML file
Plays the videos contained in this XML file from the SDCARD for the duration listed in the XML file
If the video is shorter than the duration listed in the XML file then the app will loop the video.
You can do this in a few ways, you should know already how to seamlessly loop a video............ use two media players bring the same file to the front at the end of the playing video to loop it seamlessly.
I want to overlay HTML text over these videos

the xml
Id = "1"
video = "sdcard/something.mp4"
text = "<bold>Some text</bold>"
duration "20" (20 seconds...)

if the video is 5 seconds long then it will loop for 4 times....

dont waste my time..............

Develop it, send it get paid, send source

I dont need any google market or crap or any UI
I just need what is posted above

I listed $1000 as budget, but you are out of your mind if you think I will accept the job with you just sending me a form letter then going away to "develop" it.
$1000 is for someone that can post me a working app within a few days.
u get money, I get working app, I get source

If you want to go away and develop it then lowest bidder wins..

post an app that works, u get money!

Edit: it should be quite simple, post an apk that works then u get money, too many people that waste time here so yeah I need source u can get cash, post an apk

Skills: video