Manager / Team Leader

Manager / Team Leader


Job Description

We are looking for a manager to oversee the day to day work performed by our contractors.

Your tasks will include:
-Oversee development of new script, plugins and themes for WordPress, OpenCart etc. This means assigning tasks as well as giving feedback and quality control.
-Oversee tech support for said script and plugins. This means give our tech support contractor the help needed and the motivation to do a good job.
-Oversee the day to day activities of a membership site as well as some other sites. In reality this is just about checking up, making sure everything is done on time.
-Recruit new contractors when necessary.

The above are some of the tasks that the job involves.

The manager needs to be well organized and have excellent people skills to get the best out of our contractors as well as get projects done on time and budget.

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor that has the following skills:

1. Prior project management experience with a technical background in case the need to step in arises
2. Excellent organizational and planning skills with good judgment and attention to detail
3. Good personality to work with remote developers and motivate them in their task
4. Excellent English skills both in speech and writing.

How to apply

Please submit a cover letter that highlights:

1. Your past experience in managing developers, especially multiple ones and remote, if possible
2. Your technical background, including education
3. Start your cover letter with "orange".

In addition, please describe your managerial style and how you keep projects on track to meet goals.

At the moment this is not a full time job but as we grow I hope that you will stay and grow with us.

About the company

We develop plugins, script and themes for sale as well as run a few different web projects. The team is scattered all around the world.

Skills: management, english