Analytics Dashboard using D3 & Rickshaw JS graph library

Analytics Dashboard using D3 & Rickshaw JS graph library


Job Description

A dashboard web application to be enhanced. Currently the application uses the following technologies:

Front-end Framework: Twitter Bootstrap
HTML Templating Framework: Jade
Javascript Framework: jQuery
Graphing Libraries: Rickshaw.js and D3.js
Additional Javascript Libraries: Sugar.js
Back-end Technology: Node.js (Javascript)
Back-end Framework: Express.js

Lot of new functionalities to be implemented in phase 2 like adding some more time series/summary graph & some UI changes.

I will be sharing/helping to setup the node.js web application, providing sample google analytics json data to plot the charts, showcasing a demo of the application & sending 20-30 change requests once I award the project.

Let us know your experience on the above technologies & comfortability to execute this project.

Note: I have attached few screenshot of the existing application.

Skills: twitter, json

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