Wordpress Page Modification

Wordpress Page Modification


Job Description

Hi and thank you for taking a look at this web development job.

Please, I will only accept VERY capable WordPress developers for this job.

I will be as clear as I can with this job because it is going to be hard to explain and I want you to know just what I mean.

(***NOTE: I have a membership plugin I'm using so only logged in members will have access to these pages you are creating for me)

JOB DESCRIPTION (see attachment for colour coded visual representation):

I want to be able to create pages within wordpress that have some district custom features.

So, in other words, I need to be able to use this system you are creating for me on any new page I create on my wordpress install. I have to be able to create a new page and set up your system on that page.

Below are the widgets I need (please see attachment for colour coded descriptions):

1. (red)
Photo gallery

2. (orange)
Text field

3. (blue, yellow, green)
You know how online polls, and tests, etc.. have a PROGRESS BAR at the top telling you you have 25% more to completion? I need something like this for my content.

The first page might be called, "Detailed Company Info" (BLUE) where you will see some information like text, video, photos, audio-clips, etc… (YELLOW)

And there will be a feedback and comments area (GREEN).

When you're done looking at that 'content area' and adding your comments, you click a 'NEXT' button to see the next TAB that could be called, for example, "Maps-Location" (NOTE: I will tell you the titles to each 'content area')

This sentence right here is to help you show me that you are reading this job description. Since I am only looking for the most attentive contractors, and to show me you have read this description, please use the word dragon in your application to this gig.

And each time you move through the steps, the progress bar indicates you how much more you have to review.

4. (pink)
this is your typical "Share" section but it has:
Faves, Blog, Email, Print

5. this idea is not on the colour coded attachment
I need a widget where logged in members can vote on each page (yes, no, undecided)
There will only be between 5-10 members voting. It is NOT anonymous voting. It is very important that we know which member voted what. So once they vote perhaps there can be an area in the wordpress dashboard where their member-names are shown and what they voted.


So that is a description of what I'm after.

Please note that I want the gallery (red) and Text-Field (orange) to exist on the page ABOVE the 'content area' (blue, yellow and green area).

So, as you move throughout the content (15%…25%… etc%…), you can still see the gallery.

I may use a simple gallery plugin for that part of it. Maybe you have some thoughts on what gallery plugin is best for this. Or maybe you have a gallery idea that works best with this type of this…

So that is the basic idea... we will obviously need to talk details once you begin but at least you know what I am looking for.

Open Attachment