VPN Connection Manager - PC

VPN Connection Manager - PC


Job Description

We need a Windows VPN Connection Manager application similar to the attached program. We will provide a valid activation code to the sample app to the awarded contractor. The app which you will create shall work perform all functions per sample app and run on Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8, both 32 and 64-bit. Below are key requirements:

1- The app shall be complete with a multi-language installer. You will provide the installer in 2 languages, English (default), and Arabic. More languages may be added in future. NSIS is preferred since it has good support for right-to-left text (like arabic). We will provide all arabic texts for both installer and app interface.

2- We highly prefer that the app does not require any dependencies such as .NET, MSI or JAVA on users' pc's. You shall therefore propose a programming language that allows the installer / app to run on any XP+ PC, straight after download, without having to download / install any additional requirements. Please discuss.

3- The app shall communicate with our server via an API which we have already created. We can modify the API to your needs.

4- The app shall create 3 protocols on user's PC. PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. For OpenVPN, you can use openvpn tap drivers (win32 and win64) to be built on user's PC. The tap drivers shall be renamed in order to not collide with other instances of tap installations that the user may already have, or install in the future. The server API will provide the app with the needed server list, L2TP secretkey and openvpn credentials.

5- App shall be able to connect to servers both UDP (default) and TCP (backup). If UDP connection is unavialable, app shall automatically switch to TCP. In case user cannot connect, user shall have the option "Submit Log File for Review" to send conneciton log file to our server for review. Sending log file will be directly from app via API.

6- The installer shall install the openvpn drivers during installation (not to be installed from app). The installer shall not proceed with installation before ensuring that the tap driver has been installed.

There are other requirements, which will be explained to you in detail, provided you are 100% certain you can provide the above basic requirements. Please submnit a preliminary price, you can then modify that price based on the additional requireements.

Preference shall be given to developers who can complete this job in a short period.
Preference shall be given to developers who can also provide a MAC version of the above app.

Skills: voip, network-solutions, vista, english, .net

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