ASP.NET MVC 3 middleware API fault exception when iOS app calls REST methods

ASP.NET MVC 3 middleware API fault exception when iOS app calls REST methods


Job Description

1. Desktop station runs restaurant POS windows application.
2. Middleware ASP.NET MVC 3 web-service communicates with the restaurant windows application using C# API.
3. iOS mobile client app communicates with middleware web-service on local wi-fi network.

Small bug: I believe the bug is on the windows application and producing possible fault exception. However, I need this reviewed. Need to make sure the iOS application is correctly calling the API methods in proper order.

Here is the problem:

1. User creates invoice on iOS app.
2. User chooses to pay invoice on iOS app.
3. The total of invoice is sent to get charged.
4. The charge is authorized/captured.
5. The user is returned to iOS app
6. The prompt to email or print receipt displays.
7. Invoice is now closed on desktop software application

Currently steps 6/7 are not working. The sale is getting captured but the API is not closing the sale correctly. This was working prior, but now has a bug.

This is a small bug fix job that will lead to on-going work. I always need good developers who I can rely on to help make software updates.

Must be familiar with git. Repositories are hosted on github

Please note: The middleware needs to be setup locally with IIS. This system also needs to have the windows restaurant POS software installed. You will need to configure your environment.

For debugging/testing you will want Xcode running and Windows running Visual Studio/IIS/Restaurant POS software. Everything communicates via local Wifi network.

Skills: mvc, .net, json, web-services

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