QR App

QR App


Job Description

We are about to launch a new QR code service and require an iOS developer, to developer our iOS App.

Following functionality is required:
• QR scanner using the iPhone camera
• QR scanner to have the ability to turn the iPhone light on to get a clearer picture to scan when light is minimal
• All QR codes that are scanned are to be viewable in a History tab
• QR codes in history tab to be cleared individually (swipe) or bulk selected in a group
• As well as the ability to bulk export QR codes (selected items only) to a CSV file, which can be emailed to the user
• The ability to "Select all" items and either bulk delete or bulk export
• The ability to "Favourite" QR codes and can be viewed in a Favourites tab
• Export and Delete functionality available in the Favourites tab
• The ability to save QR codes to our website (allow for user log in through the app, as well as user registration)
• A settings tab that allows the user to select different types of settings: Lock orientation on or off, amongst others that will be provided to the successful applicant.

Things to note:
• This app will not be "ad supported" and will be free inside the Apple App store.
• We will also publish the app on the app store as we already have a Apple Developer account.