WebApp Desktop Application

WebApp Desktop Application


Job Description

We are a company that has a SaaS product. Our product was built and runs in Google Chrome's browser. We would like to make a windows desktop application that would run our software with the following abilities:

Installing on the desktop (with custom icon)

Autostart at login (default)

Only one site is viewable (app.salemove.com)

Chrome included in the app and no need to install - but it should recognize if chrome was already installed and also update chrome automatically when new chrome releases come out

Menubar's would show SaleMove, and potentially the version number. Not
Chrome or Chrome options

Chrome Notifications would still run

We have to be able to use webRTC and Flash to access the camera and microphone

Our software will have to always be connected to the internet to run. The software should also check for updates every 24 hours or every time it is loaded. We use cache and cookies that will have to be updated on that schedule.

You must complete the job in less than 15 days after we accept your proposal. Please include the programming language you wish to use in your proposal. We have 4 engineers that will review all code submitted so all code must be properly documented and commented. You also must be able to talk on skype.

If you are interested, in your reply please include a summary of what I am looking for above and look at our website www.salemove.com I will only look at applications if I can see that they read through to the bottom. I will not consider any applications from India or Pakistan as I have had a bad experience working with people from both.

Skills: software-development