iPhone Dash Cam App for Racers

iPhone Dash Cam App for Racers


Job Description

The intended use of this iPhone mobile app is targeted to racers who want a video recording of their races with data overlay. The app will make use of the iPhone’s built-in video recorder, GPS sensor, and accelerometer. From these built in devices, the app will record video, speed, distance, direction, altitude, acceleration, braking forces, and lateral forces.

The application will take data from the accelerometer and display the G-Forces for fore, aft, and lateral acceleration. This will be displayed as a real-time G-force meter and will overlay the video being recorded.

The application will display the GPS data in speed, distance, and direction. The display will be in digital easy to see format. The direction will be displayed digitally as a heading.

The functions will be as follows:
1. Start & stop video
2. Export video to iPhone photo library
3. Delete video
4. Display speed in KPH or MPH
5. Track maximum speed per video session.
6. Display current time and elapsed time.
7. Display elapsed distance per video session.
8. Switch between front and rear camera.

For an example of an app that is close to how this application will work,