Prison Escape - Unity 3D, Xbox One, PS4, Steam

Prison Escape - Unity 3D, Xbox One, PS4, Steam


Job Description

Must be US resident.

This is a Unity 3D project, and possibly an Xbox One indie and PS4 indie game. Which depends on if I can acquire the 2 free Dev Kits Microsoft is offering for Indie Developers. And definitely PC, taking to Steam Greenlight as soon as possible.

I am an indie developer, primarily a 3D artist. I'm looking to build a strong small team. I work in Maya and Unity 3D and a lot of other software packages. I can pay you but honestly the pay will be somewhat low. This is a "from the ground up" team build. I have other talent that will be joining once I have a programmer or two involved.

I will list what I am looking for after the description..

Game Description:
You're an inmate, on death row for a triple homicide, innocent, framed by your wife's ex lover, with a week until your execution. Your wife and child and your brother were killed by him. There is evidence but you have to escape to expose him. So you go through the day to day prison life, the goal is to survive and escape; there are 10-15 different ways to escape, but the paths to getting there are randomized, you can't just find the same shank and loose bolt the same way every time you play. You might not be able to exploit the same drain cover, so it's a lot of exploration and attempting things and not looking suspicious. Eddy, Chang, Hector or Tyrone might not be so friendly each time you play etc. Gotta watch your back, avoid prison fights, if you kill someone you get put in solitary, which eats up precious time; yard time is dangerous, shower time is dangerous, cafe time is dangerous. You gotta hide your tools in case of random searches. A very low profile crafting system as well, for creating shanks, and other tools like makeshift screwdrivers etc. Possible ways to escape could be extremely varied; sewers and ventilation exploits, hostage and brute force tactics, nighttime escape over the wall with proper materials. With the ability to hide things anywhere, escape routes and possibilities increase, but are not easy. If a guard finds your materials, your whole plan could come undone and leave you with not enough time for another plan and you’re headed straight for the chair.

All prisoners have a randomized personality and psyche profile but always look the same each new game. This will keep the game fresh and seemingly familiar but keep the player suspicious of the person. Some fights will be inevitable, if you talk to the wrong guy, all chat options lead to a fist in your face, but the same person might tolerate you and also possibly help you. Inmates will talk about other inmates which will give you subtle clues but never enough to fully deduce their profiles.

Other possibility of gangs and riots. When you choose your race at the start of the game, that also affects gameplay and interactions. It is possible to get friendly with other races but difficult, and always involves doing favors or giving up something you have, or finding a specific person and beating them up, at the risk of getting put in solitary.

Also teasing the idea of Online Matchmaking

Game is 1st person/3rd person

Current Needs:
[Everything will be programmed using stand in art at this point.]
Basic functionality, guards on duty, prison schedule, day/night cycle, pathfinding(guards, inmates), character controller, lockdown, inmate management.

My $30 budget is what I currently have to throw at this, I will be attempting to acquire funding as soon as I have even a little of this game to show. Let me know what you can do for $30 based on the current needs. I'm not trying to cheat anyone here, I know 30 is low. I am an honest, hardworking indie dev, and I believe this game will be a hit and I hope to see all who work on it benefit. I'm very open and honest and will always provide full transparency.

Thanks! And I can't wait for us to get started.