Thai National Full time/Part time employee wanted

Thai National Full time/Part time employee wanted


Job Description

We are in need of a full time employee of Thai nationality for our Thailand registered company.

What we are looking for may suit a web developer that works on their own.

We need to hire the person as a full time employee, pay them a monthly wage and have them registered with the SSO as an employee of our company.

What we would offer;

- Monthly Salary.

- The employee would still be free to continue their own work.

- We would need work done for our company on a task by task basis, the task value would be assessed individually and either covered by the monthly salary or would be paid for with salary with overtime if the task value is more than the monthly salary.

The employee would need to be well skilled in PHP, MYSQL, WEB Design principles, as well as have a good understanding of server maintainence.

The employee would be responsible for.
- On going Web development for the company website and administration back end.
- The Server administration.

Please feel free to send me a message to set up a online chat to discuss, Thai Nationals only please.