Developer wanted for web application

Developer wanted for web application


Job Description

Hi all, first i'm very sorry for my bad english but i'm italian,
i need a simple web application for people who want to start a new job, here's some specs

The application should allow the site visitor to enter the city and the type of activities and have in return costs, steps and all the useful info to start a business.
Let me explain with an example:

I want to open a restaurant in Milan.
1) insert "restaurant" and "city", if a sole proprietorship or corporation and other filters (to be verified)
2) the application tells me what are costs, the steps, the forms, the requirements and links to agencies (of course we will put them data)
This is the first phase, we say what we need as a base, we will do limited to provinces and municipalities.
Then later on the application should return to these data is also a classifieds section (like the site where I may have:
3) an accountant in the area indicated, rented premises, someone selling a restaurant already started, a notary if I have to start a company, suppliers of fish that offer their services, a web developer for the site, jobs of waiters. .. in short, anything related to the research (possibly with a map, location-aware but not a simple map with markers). Eventually i can use something like Joomla component Adsmanager

Restaurant is only an example, you can start all kind of businesses (an e-commerce, a doctor, a webmaster...)

I also have a flow chart, but it is in Italian. I am attaching anyway

What I want to know is how much it might cost a development of maximum project, even if only the base (points 1 and 2), and also for the next. Hopefully if you can first insert it into a cms like joomla or wordpress (for example there is a joomla component, ads manager, which you could use for announcements).
We will eventually us the graphics, using joomla, wordpress or twitter bootstrap then the application should be compatible in some way.

The budget is only indicative, you can make me your offers.

Thank you

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