phpFox / Social Engine Site Design

phpFox / Social Engine Site Design


Job Description

Hi, I am looking to build a membership site with a social media (Facebook) feel to it based on the phpFOX or Social Engine platform. The site is going to be set at 2 different membership levels, free and paid. The free membership will have access to a selected amount of content and the paid will have complete access. The material in the membership will be video and text based learning.

My vision for this site is a nice landing page with a small header, large image below that expands responsively across the page with a floating sign up form, and below that would be an open space for some site benefits.

After logging in the user would see a small header bar with things like notifications, small profile pic, quick link to profile page… very similar to facebook. There would be a left and right column.. the left being used to navigate to the different training areas and the right will be used for resent user posts as well as ads. The body of the page would display the “wall” feed. The body of the page will also update based on the page you are viewing, but the side bars will always be the same. When a user views a page with training they will be able to comment below each training module.

A site similar is design is

Please provide me with an estimated design cost and time line if we were to move forward with your company.

Thank you