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Job Description

We "Flip" houses, in other words we buy homes that are distressed, fix it up and sale it. We need a web site that contains the following information.

1) We want a text field of the cost of the home "X" (we enter this info ourselves).

2) We want to have our own spreadsheet like excel, that investors can look at but cannot alter the contents, but they can consolidate columns. There will be about 12 columns so it needs to be scrollable. At the end there will be a text field of the cost of the liens "Y" (we enter this info ourselves).

3) We want to upload our own pictures of the home and comment them. We want a text field of the cost to fix the home "Z."

4) We want a max bid for investors “R”. The investor adds in their ROI (ie. 10% or 11% etc).

5) The last text field will include the total of “X + Y + Z + R,” which is will be called the “Total Max Bid.”

5) Different levels of access: 1) Total access level for “X-Y-Z-R” inputs, 2) photographer access level only “Z,” and 3) investor access level to enter in their ROI “R.”

Note: not sure on the total cost/budget yet.