Gaming Website Development Based on WordPress

Gaming Website Development Based on WordPress


Job Description

Develop a gaming website based on WordPress.

We would like to use the following mixture of WordPress themes and plug-ins to develop our website:


This can be our base theme. Much of its layout is suited to our need. Nonetheless, it will require modification.

This theme has a very useful widget. It gives you the option on the post page within Wordpress to rate the review. It allows you 3 categories which you can custom name and give a rate from 1-10 plus a 4th over all score with each number represented by a different color. We require to customize this to have the option of 5 categories plus a 6th over all score which is automatically calculated from the ratings entered.

This rating is shown both on the main article review page and as a summary in a widget on all other pages.

It also allows you to have tabs on the widget for different consoles (categories).

We will also require the option to choose different sized thumbnails for our articles. Our tumbnails for the excerpts on main article page will range from 220 x 130 to 400 x 225 pixels. The rating system has to be modified to accommodate these thumbnail on the article's page. Thumbnails for widgets should be scaled down accordingly.

*Games 2*

The main content page of this theme where the excerpts of articles are shown is very nice. It has 3 tab, each tab shows excerpts from deferent categories. This is very clean and easy to navigate. We require the option of adding 5 tabs easily.

This part of the theme is very similar to Gamespot's main content page as far as post excerpts are concerned, which we also like.

The only thing that needs to be added in the excerpts is an orange "Read more" button as seen in other parts of this theme.

What we want to do is change LeetPress's main content pages to have the same layout as Games 2 or when it comes to post excerpts. While maintaining the main look of LeetPress when it comes to the page header, main navigation bars, banner placement, page numbers and footer at the bottom.

Requirements and Notes:

1- Themes and required plug-ins will be bought by us.

2- Site has to be SEO friendly with the ability to insert meta tags and other SEO elements.

3- Site has to be bilingual (English and Arabic). Ideally, one CMS for both languages.

4- User Registration:
Require a page for users to sign up for membership to post comments. If a non-member tries to post a comment, a message will appear requesting him to create an account with a link to the sign-up page, or if he has an existing account show a login and password field. After logging in, the comment can be submitted. Fields required for registration page: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Confirm Password. This info has to be stored in a database and can be accessed for the Wordpress dashboard. It will also show who is logged in at the time.

5- Email verification: When creating an account an email will be sent to the applicant with a link to verify the email entered and activate the account. If verification is not done within 3 days the application will be deleted from the database. The Email should be in the respective language of the sign-up page. Example : if someone signs up from an Arabic language signup page, his verification email will be in Arabic, and so on.

6- Login Page (bilingual)

7- Member Profile Page

8- Writers and Contributors page:
The page requires the following fields:
a) Article Title. (limited by a number of characters).
b) Body of article. (limited by 2000 characters).
c) Type of article. (choice from a drop-down list -- News, Review, Preview, Event). We should have the option to add or edit the list easily.
d) Category. (check boxes -- xBox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC, Mac, 3DS, PS-Vita, IOS, Android, Flash, Social, Hardware, Other). At least one box has to be checked. We should have the option to add or edit the check boxes easily.
e) Images upload. (upload multiple images and set one as feature). At least one image must be uploaded. Images MUST BE 640 x 360.
f) Feature Slider Image upload. (Optional, upload a image to be used in feature slider. Size to be decided).
g) Video Upload.

This info will be e-mailed to editor/administrator for review and posting.