Job Description

I need one receipt system for my private company.

The system much more like a Point Of Sales (POS) system. The differentiate is i need only printing receipt for transaction. The system must be able to have requirements like below.

1. Print receipt.
2. Store customer and receipt data into db.
3. Able to retrieve receipt data (based on search)
4. Able to retrieve customer data (based on search)
5. Receipt logo can be changed on system settings.
6. Receipt can be print either per day, month or year basis.
7. All data can be edit or delete.
8. Transaction can have
9. Have 2 user section.
10. Admin have extra function add/delete user.
11. User have all function excluding add/delete user.

This system must be done using .Net programming either VB or C.
System must support windows XP, Vista and also Windows 7.
System can be used on networking environments. e.g one db can be used by multiple pc which means all pc within networks will have same data.

the important thing is, this system must complete within this 2 weeks.

Thank you.