Professional English Content Writer Required

Professional English Content Writer Required


Job Description

We are looking for a highly competent content writer who is highly proficient in English.

The required project entails the following.

- In-depth research about payday loans in Australia (what they are, where they come from, how to guides, what to look out for, how the work, what are the risks, etc.)
- Write 5 articles with at least 500 words each
- Each article has to be 100% unique content
- Each article has to be in good and professional English with the correct grammar and spelling
- The topics of the articles will be
a) payday loans
b) cash advance
c) how to apply for a payday loan in Australia
d) history of payday loans
e) benefits and risks of payday loans

If you feel confident and your English writing skills are at an exceptional level, please contact us.

This will be a fixed contract and if we are satisified with the end result (subject at our own sole unfettered discretion), we will be paying $7 per article, ie a total of $35 for 5 articles (if we feel they are good and acceptable)