Ebook Sales Strategy Discussion

Ebook Sales Strategy Discussion


Job Description

The purpose of this project is the formation of a "Mastermind Discussion" group. The goal of this discussion group is to create an aggressive marketing and sales plan to launch our new ebook - through several online meetings.

We are looking to assemble a team of internet sales professionals; each member with diverse expertise. Employees selected for this mastermind discussion will meet online via Skype to discuss innovative, aggressive ways to launch this new ebook.

These discussions will take place daily or every other day until a winning product marketing and sales plan is developed. The time limit per discussion will be a minimum of one hour per meeting, and go to three or four hours depending on progress.

***Salary will be based on experience***

Here's the objectives we are going to accomplish:

1. Locate the target audience
2. Reach out to the target audience
3. Get the target audience to WILLINGLY join our contact list
4. Convince the target audience to purchase our new ebook.

We are looking for a team of innovative sales thinkers. Discount travel sales experience is a huge PLUS.

We want individuals who are:

. experienced in internet sales
. confident
. creative
. imaginative
. goal-driven
. positive
. persuasive
. dedicated

We want a team that will work together come up with new, aggressive campaigns to successfully launch this ebook.

Here's are the qualifications we want. Qualified candidates should possess at least three of these:

1. Audience targeting expertise (this is the most highly desired qualification)
2. Lead generation expertise
3. Market analysis expertise
4. Lead generation expertise
5. Social Media expertise (sales-related)
6. List building expertise
7. Online sales and conversion expertise (ability to close the sale)

You must be able to verify your expertise.

****An interview via Skype will be required for every candidate. In order to be eligible for an interview, you must list all of the qualifications you possess, and how much experience you have with each.****

Secondary qualifications:

1. Positive attitude
2. Work well with others
3. Goal oriented
4. Deadline driven
5. Confidence in their ability to do the job.
6. Those who don't believe in "impossible."
7. Reliable and punctual with requests and/or updates.

- The salary is negotiable.
- Salary can be either hourly or fixed.
- Employees must have a computer with Skype access and a microphone. No instant messaging! A webcam is not necessary.
- Employees who actively participate in in the plan's implementation, bonuses and profit sharing will be available.

The discussion atmosphere will be relaxed. All opinions are open for examination. However to be selected for this discussion group, candidates must prove their expertise. The topic of the ebook will be discussed during the interview.

During the interview, please be prepared to discuss tools, tactics, and ideas that you can offer to a discussion group (even if you do not have experience with the specific topic we have selected).

Here's what we DO NOT want:

Ideal Candidates WILL NOT be the following:

1. WILL NOT be spammers
2. WILL NOT be email scrapers, data miners, email list resellers, etc
3. WILL NOT have less than 3 years experience in any qualifications submitted.
4. WILL NOT focus on what cannot be done.
5. WILL NOT simply possess a basic knowledge of internet marketing.
6. WILL NOT be poor communicators or be tardy with requests and/or updates.
7. WILL NOT be unreliable or hard to contact for discussions.
8. WILL NOT be disrespectful towards their employer or towards others in the group.

We DO NOT want people who have just a basic understanding of internet marketing, and will only offer up routine ideas that "everybody is doing."

We already know about:

Article marketing
Blog commenting
Other forms of standard SEO

Our goals are much more far-reaching than that. If you have a unique spin on these routine ideas, however, this can be discussed with the team.

Simply stating, "I can do it" will NOT be enough. Please expect to "sell yourself" to your employers.

Interested applicants MUST answer all of the following questions to be eligible for an interview:

- Which of the qualifications do you have?
- How many years of experience do you have in each that you've listed?
- Can you work well with others?
- Are you able to work with deadlines? Goals?

Candidates MUST list which of the qualifications they possess, and they must also state the number of years of experience with each.

***Failure to answer all of the questions will indicate a lack of attention to detail, and automatically disqualify the applicant***

Skills: analysis, marketing