Flash banner design for a remarketing campaign

Flash banner design for a remarketing campaign


Job Description

Dear candidates,

We are an online travel booking site looking to start our display remarketing campaign and are looking for experienced flash designers to help us build our banners. The job will include the design of multiple banners, and we are looking for someone who knows how to make not just a beautiful design, but also a design that will convert - a design that will catch attention and bring us clicks. Therefore we are looking for someone who has experience in a/b testing of his/her designs, who has information about the conversion rate of his previous banners and know which designs are best performing.

In order for you to be considered for the position, please send us and example of your best performing banner design. Anyone who does not send it will not be considered.

Ideal canididate:
- Experienced with flash design
- Knowledge of A/B testing of banners
- Has worked on remarketing campaigns before, preferably in the travel industry
- Focused on the conversion performance of his/hers designs
- Experiences with conversion tracking
- Basic knowledge of remarketing
- Knowledge of AdWords is a plus.