PHP & MongoDB Development

PHP & MongoDB Development


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The name of the company is

NOTE: All applicants must sent a piece of previous coded source code with the apply. If no code is attached we will not consider working with you!

Basically, splashpost is a PHP shop. Currently running on CodeIgniter with mongo on top. We use Smarty templates and our css is precompiled with Compass (current 0.13 beta, with the new animation support)

We are running Linux servers, which means there will be som system admin stuff (which always is fun, BASH, Nginx, deployment scenarios and so forth)

We use JQuery, some Handlebars for client-side templating, could probably benefit from a Javascript framework, Ember, Angular, (no decissions have been made). We are dabbling in Haxe, Action script 3, a lot of third party integration (Facebook, Aweber, Mailchimp, and so on).

We are currently developing ver. 1.1 and we got documentation on current code and it's around 70% done but there still is some tasks left out that we need some help with.

This is ver. 1.1 of SplashPost as V. 1.0 is now live at

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