Create content from 1-line summaries

Create content from 1-line summaries


Job Description

We have hundreds of summaries from our lectures on Spiritual subjects in MS-Word format. We need a creative writer to turn the raw one-line content into well-written, compelling paragraphs that we want then developed into eBooks. Specifically, the one-liners need to be expanded into helpful, explanatory paragraphs, and then further compiled into a 15 to 20 page eBook. Here are examples of the one-liners from one lecture entitled "Creation":

1. There are laws throughout creation and the law of attraction is one of them.
2. The law of forgiveness and grace is higher than the law of cause and effect.
3. There is no limit to the expansion of consciousness.
4. Every moment is an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness.
5. In all universes we have uncountable opportunities to remember that we are love and that we are innocent.
6. Behavior only changes when we remember that we are loved.
7. If we were expressing only love, the quality of our lives would open up incredible potential futures for us.
8. The outer is a reflection of the inner, and is consciousness dependent.
9. When we reach the required level of consciousness we will be able to move inter-dimensionally.
10. Regrets can arise from not utilizing our playing field of consciousness.
11. It is a mistaken belief that nothing bad ever happens to spiritual people.
12. We can actualize any state of awareness at any moment.
13. When someone truly forgives, it automatically erases all lesser energies and laws.
14. The memory of negativity is erased in the choosing of true forgiveness.
15. True forgiveness is the recognition that no one was ever guilty in the first place.
16. There are dimensional levels where assigning a name to the beings who reside there would not do their frequency justice.
17. Some species went underground in the last dimensional shift, others left the Earth, and some remain trapped in other dimensional spaces.
18. Some of the grid work that people have done has released trapped souls.
19. Some of the grid work that people do may allow entities into this dimensional space.

Contractor requirements

You must have an excellent command of written and spoken English, including an understanding of terminology used in the New Age/Spiritual movements. In addition, you must also have a copy of MS Word or other software that is compatible with MS Word.

How to apply

In addition to your cover letter, please submit 3 different paragraphs where you have used 3 of the above one-liner example sentences, expanded out into paragraphs so we can get a sense of your ability to understand the concept and to show us your ability to create the compelling explanation/expansion of the concept in English.

About us

We are a tiny company based in the US that is seeking to educate people about self empowerment and personal growth. We propose to convert the summaries into eBooks and MP3 downloads as part of our ongoing lecture series.

Skills: english, ebooks