Semi Fictitious Story

Semi Fictitious Story


Job Description

This story is about a horrible, self-absorbed, manipulative woman. I have started the story and have written a few pages to set the mood. I have a list of events that happened, in chronological order. I want each of these events worked into the story. This book is to be humorous, but it is also to give the feeling that it is a book written out of sheer retaliation. The point of view is coming from "the good friend" who tried to be a positive influence on the "frenemy" for over a decade....when the "bad friend" finally stabbed the good one in the back. This person lies and manipulates so much, she doesn't even know what the truth is anymore. You will be able to get more of the "feeling" of the story if hired for the job. I will then send you the first few pages after agreeing to full non-disclosure. This book is to be around 10,000 words minimum.

If you are interested in this job, I will need to see a sample of your work. I won't even consider an application that doesn't have a reference sample attached.

I will pay $30 for this job, and I will require completion within two weeks of the start date. If you can handle this and complete the job satisfactorily, there will be more work to follow.