Photoshop JavaScript Features

Photoshop JavaScript Features


Job Description

Looking to have a couple JavaScripts written for photoshop image processing.

First Script!

You may be familiar with PDF-JPG conversion.

Looking to have a simple script written that automates the process of converting a single page or multiple page pdf into jpgs.
Resolution required is 300ppi.

I've found several scripts, however each one requires a user input each time it is run. I am looking for a script that runs to completion without user input when called.

File output location is same as source location.

Second Script

Looking to generate an automated cropping tool for images as attached. You will note that the image has a series of line segments in the corners. We are looking to crop based on these marks. Aspect ratio of the images does chance so a hard coded solution will not work.

If you have read this and feel comfortable with either script, please write "I can do it" in the subject line.

Skills: pdf

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