PHP and SQL developer for an ETL application

PHP and SQL developer for an ETL application


Job Description

Job description:

We are looking for a skilled developer to maintain the existing codebase of PHP and MySQL code. Now we have a bunch of small similar ETL and Data Warehousing projects. We are about to re-implement everything in Python and PostgreSQL so you are very welcome to know it and Django. You will be working with a team the best business analysts and senior software developers.

Independent contractors only. No Indian or Chinese contractors, please.

Contractor requirements:

1. Solid understanding of SQL: database design, data normalization and query optimization
2. Strong knowledge of PHP
3. Ability to estimate efforts and meet the deadlines
4. Outstanding communication skills
5. Ability and willing to evolve and learn new technologies
6. Ability to ask questions and solve problems

About the company:

We are an NY-based Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Marketing consulting group. Our core competencies exist within Data Science, Web Analytics, Transactional Data Mining, Email Analytics, Web, SEO, and SEM Optimization, Forecasting, Primary Research, and Marketing Business Intelligence.