Looking for Game/Software Developer

Looking for Game/Software Developer


Job Description

Our company, which offers in-game advertising and monetization for game developers is looking for an individual who possesses solid game programming and software skills, and is very proficient in both C++ and C#.

We need help in developing a library for our SDK that will be capable of delivering real-time advertisements, in the form of billboards, inside both AAA console and unity 3d games. The library basically needs to have the appropriate code to parse html or javascript adtags inside a game environment (ie C++ or C#)

It is preferred, but not necessarily a requirement, that this individual have knowledge or prior experience in building SDKs and in-game advertising and/or in-game monetization.

It's not going to be a huge project, so this would be best suited for someone looking for a few days-to-a-week of work, and make a couple hundred bucks on the side.

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